Creating an extraordinary VR experience is important to boost your sales. Showcase your 360 video and interact with millions of virtual reality fans. EasyVR platform can provide you a lot more than that.
Support 360 Videos
Including a 360 video can tell your customers more about your product or your place.
Add your leaflet and video in the VR content
Put your menu, leaflets, contacts, video in the VR content and make your customer to know more your product
Embed the VR content in your website
Differentiate your website and embed our VR content without taking away your customer
Add your own watermark
Brand your company and add your company logo in the VR content
Try our free service and begin to experience the power of VR
$0 per month
US$15 per monthbilled annually
US$40 per monthbilled annually
US$100 per monthbilled annually
360/VR content
100MB/weekup to500MBtotal
500MB/weekup to5GB/year
5GB/weekup to50GB/year
20GB/weekup to0.5TB/year
Unlimited bandwidth
VR tour
360 video support
Add notes and tags
Add contact
Color adjustment
Special filter
Embed VR
Blur human face
Add image
Tag with PDF
Tag with sound
Remove watermark
Customize the stand cover
Add floor plans
On-site video shooting
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5 sites