Looking to create VR tours?

Creating a VR tour has never been easier. Just spending a few minutes to use our online tool and link all your panoramic videos and images. Just a few swipes, you will be ready to publish and share your VR content.

Share your panoramas without any pain

Your friends don’t need to install any apps to open our panoramas. It just works Institutively in any browsers by simplifying click the link. With our VR builder, your VR showcase will be shown in a one piece, not segmented into several video and picture posts. You could even link 360 videos together to see and share every degree.

Add your notes, tags, leaflets ...

Showing your panoramas is not enough to tell others how good your place is. You can tag to insert texts, leaflets and even videos. Tag your promotional contents in your panoramas and tell your friends or clients more about your place.

Show your brand and logo

You can embed a watermark in all your created panoramas to avoid your competitors to just reference your work without a recognition. In meanwhile, it is a soft way to let others to know your brand and logo. You could place the watermark in the bottom left corner and add a cover photo in the floor.

Need help in panorama shooting?

We can come to teach you techniques how to shoot a perfect panorama, show you how to use our VR kits to create VR contents. Upgrade your plan to EasyVR Pro and Business. Find us to assist your shooting journey.

Locate yourself in a floorplan

Get lost in a virtual visit? Upload your floor plan and mark location points in the floor plan. Next time, you can find an orange spot that indicates where you are.