Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Do I need to have programming skills?

A: You are not required to learn any programming skills to create the VR content.

Q: Do I need to have any special equipment in order to shoot a 360 image/video? What are they?

A: We recommend you to buy a 360 camera. There are a wide range of 360 cameras and they mostly cost less than HK$2000. You may pick to buy Samsung Gear 360, Mi Camera, Ricoh Theta S or Huawei 360 cam.

Q: Do I own the content that I uploaded?

A: If you originally own the content, you definitely own your uploaded content. Please see our "terms of use".

Q: Does your platform provide a professional 360 shooting service?

A: Yes, please leave a message in our "Contact Us" page. Or give a call to us. Our customer service officer will understand your details and give you a quote.

Q: What are the main difference among your platform, Facebook 360 and YouTube 360?

A: First, our platform allows you to link several panoramas together. Second, it also allows to link 360 videos together. Third, you could add tags, leaflets and promotional videos in your virtual places. Finally, we are now building a F&B solution to allow you to book restaurants.

Q: What are the features provided in your platform?

A: Please see our "feature" page.

Q: I want to show the VR content directly in my company website. What can I do?

A: First, please upgrade your account to at least EasyVR PRO (See the pricing page). Then we could talk to your programmer or someone who build the website. It should be less than a 10-minute programming work which embed our VR plugins in your website.